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Summer 2014 Edition: The city is your gym, CSA survival and more.

Welcome to The Portland Outsider, the new free quarterly magazine that’s all about homesteading, health, and the urban outdoors. It’s for the bike commuter who raises chickens, the bird watcher who cans tomatoes, the gardener who’s training for a 5k. It’s a magazine for those striving for the sustainable urban lifestyle. It’s about Portlanders sharing ideas and strategies with Portlanders. It’s about helping you live a more self sufficient, healthier and more engaged life. You can find copies all over town. Take a look and tell us what you think.

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From the Editor

THE STATED THEMES OF this magazine are homesteading, health and the urban outdoors. An unstated, but no less important theme, is craftsmanship. But even more generally, just knowing how to do something and taking pride in it. Whether that’s bikepacking through eastern Oregon, pruning a fruit tree, or creating a workout using trees and benches—all of which we cover in the Summer issue.

But craftsmanship—actually building something with experience, creativity and passion—is something we deeply value here. And we’re going to celebrate it. Which brings us to the Made in Portland Awards.

You’ll see our formal call for entries on page 9. We will be gathering those and putting together a panel of judges who, along with our staff, will pick the ones that excite us the most.

We’re looking for products that fall into five categories: the outdoors; food; beverage; style and design; and home. Products must be available for retail sale through the end of 2014. You can get more details on what we’re looking for and enter at portlandoutsider.com/madeinportland.

If you make something, enter it. And just as important, if you know craftsmen in town, make sure they know about the awards and enter their products. We’ll feature the winners in a big blowout cover story in our Winter issue. Great publicity and recognition.

That’s not the only way to interact with The Portland Outsider this quarter. We’re also running a readership survey. It takes about 5 minutes to fill out. Once you do, you can enter to win $200 in gift certificates to shops around town. Plus, you’ll be doing us a solid. Go to portlandoutsider.com/survey to fill it out. Thanks.

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